hey, I’m Sahreen

I'm an Entrepreneur, Advocate, Business & Mindset Coach.

I believe women should feel empowered to build thriving businesses. 

I believe we can expand when we support and nurture each other. 

I believe when you release your limiting beliefs system you upgrade your mindset. 

I believe once you are aligned with your feminine divine you will remain in a state of flow. 

I believe that you can decide to unleash your business potential.

I once worked for many corporate companies, I managed multiple businesses and made over 21 million dollars in sales for corporate retail. I have over 15 + years of leadership experience and I developed a strong track record for increasing revenue and growing teams

sound familiar?
there's hope

Over time I developed an unhealthy work-life balance that compromised my health. Once I realized what my career cost me, I began to expand, I knew needed to upgrade my mindset, I committed to doing the inner self-work. I decided to transform my life, and now I use my personal experience and my leadership background to help entrepreneurs who have the desire to unleash their business potential and increase revenue.

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Boss Up With Sahreen - About

boss up with sahreen

founded in 2018

Yep, this story has a happy ending! And it will for you too, because I found my passion and purpose in guiding entrepreneurs, just like you, to feel empowered about running their businesses. I’ve been recognized as a trusted advisor due to my work in helping clients improve their business strategies.

Not only do I have a strong track record in my own personal and professional growth, but my past and current clients can attest to this too.

let’s get bossy

in the healthiest way

I’m a trained Business + Mindset Coach, and I’ve mastered how to be a Boss in my business and life. My top priority for clients? Helping them feel empowered so they can unleash their business potential.

Boss Up With Sahreen - About



Boss Up With Sahreen - About

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