I have been learning so much in my journey as an entrepreneur and it’s been challenging and amazing all at the same time. Being a coach has its ups and downs because I am holding space for others and pushing my range to be present. Being an entrepreneur is scary AF because you have so much on the line and you are betting on yourself. Would you be surprised if I told you I was afraid to trust myself to start my business? I needed reassurance from peers and mentors that I would be successful. 

Once you take a leap of faith and trust yourself it all gets easier. I started to feel the change within myself, I was evolving as a person, and I was ready to take on any challenge because I had gained the confidence I needed. 

I love coaching clients and connecting with people because it fills up my tank. Offering guidance to transform other’s lives is rewarding and it brings me so much joy to see people achieve their goals, and feel confident! We all have so much untapped potential and it’s amazing what we can achieve once we explore it. I encourage my clients to push themselves and lean into their fear and when they do they become unstoppable. You will never go back to who you once were you will feel hungry to keep chasing more goals. If you are willing to transform your life you can thrive! 

Here are a few beautiful transformations I witnessed: 

  • My client gained the confidence to enroll in school.
  • My client put herself out there by joining a dating app and met someone within a month! 
  • My client saved enough money to purchase his first car! 
  • My client was able to launch her 2nd business and hit a monthly revenue goal of 6k!

I love seeing these radical changes when people are committed to working on themselves when they have the right support. We all can make a radical change.