While many women believe PMS symptoms are normal and we should “deal with it” because that’s what we are told from the moment we get our menstrual cycle. There are many ways to manage PMS symptoms and Audrey Gerber knows from experience after being on the pill to balance her hormones and she successfully found her way to having a healthy menstrual cycle. Learn more about how Audrey has dedicated her career to helping women regain energy and manage PMS symptoms.

Boss Up: How did you become an Intergative Health Coach? Tell us about your journey…

Audrey Gerber: I got into coaching when my life was put to a stop because of my health – back then I didn’t realize it was my hormones. However, I knew my PMS was bad. I started to pay more attention to my body and started caring for it more. The changes I felt lead me to study nutrition and later on lead me to become an integrative nutrition health coach.

Boss Up: What inspired you to start your business?

Audrey Gerber: When I was suffering, I didn’t know that life could be different. Now I do, and I want to empower other women with that knowledge. I believe each woman has incredible power when she walks her purpose – and that she can change the world. So I would hate for her own body to be standing in her way, especially when your body is designed to be your best ally, not your enemy.

Boss Up: What advice do you have for someone who wants to manage PMS, and regain energy, suggestions on remedies.

Audrey Gerber: The most important thing is to work on balancing your hormones with your lifestyle – knowing what your body needs and when it needs it and making sure these needs are fulfilled. While you are in the process of healing those hormones, there are some natural remedies you can take to get relief from the symptoms. Such as heat on painful areas, Clary Sage massage to reduce cramps and mood swings, Golden (turmeric) latte to reduce inflammation and pain, etc.

Boss Up: What are some challenges you’ve seen with clients you’ve worked with and what are some things we can do to combat those things?

Audrey Gerber: The conditioning that we have to impose our willpower on our bodies is the biggest challenge. We need to relearn how to see and think about our bodies. The signals we get are for our good, not to harm us! So I believe the biggest challenge is to learn to listen to what our bodies are saying and to truly act on it.

Boss Up: What are your thoughts on vaginal steaming to reduce PMS symptoms?

Audrey Gerber: I would be cautious about using it. The vagina is self-cleaning and hosts a colony of very helpful and healthy bacterias. Steaming on the long term could mess up with that – and in the end cause more PMS.
However, it depends on the woman. So if you want to try it, pay very close attention to the signals of your body. If you feel your vagina tightening up or feel discomfort, stop it. If it feels good, continue on, but be careful not to do it too often.

Boss Up: How are some ways we can overcome the taboo of menstrual cycles in our communities and cultures?

Audrey Gerber: I say this needs to be a mass social change that requires multiple levels of action. And I could talk about this for hours! But here is something I believe we can all start on: we need to start honoring the girls/women when they get their period. I’m not saying to treat them like grown women, because most of them aren’t yet, but to honor and celebrate the changes in their bodies as something awesome. This will reduce the idea that a curse has just gotten to you. or feel discomfort, stop it. If it feels good, continue on, but be careful not to do it too often.

Boss Up: What do you wish you knew about menstrual cycles when you an adolescent?

Audrey Gerber: EVERYTHING! I wish I knew how my body truly worked, that women WANT to talk about periods because it’s something we all have in common, and that it was okay for me to feel different from week to week. I wish someone had explained how the menstrual cycle truly works.

Boss Up: What’s next for Spotless Girl? Any exciting offerings or events coming your way?

Audrey Gerber: There’s a Facebook Hormonal Reset challenge coming up soon! For 3 days, I guide you through a reset to support and start reclaiming your hormones ️ I’m very excited about it because it always feels so good! It will happen in mid-May, so stay tuned! All the details will be announced in the next weeks.

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