Challenges Entrepreneurs Face in Leadership Roles

Do you allow your feminine wisdom to guide you? 

As women, we often question ourselves and wonder whether we are making rational decisions and it doesn’t help that society labels us as “emotional” 

But we are gifted and our love runs so deep that once we become aware of our intuition & learn to trust it our language just flows naturally, we can make rational judgment calls. 

4 challenges I see my clients face in leadership roles:

Fear of judgment 

Are you worried about what people will think? 

Resist letting others define you, People will always have an opinion but it’s not your responsibility to meet other’s expectations of you. 

Fear of being negative or offending

Allow yourself to be authentic & don’t get stuck in your head. Adjust your expectations of others & examine your thoughts. But most importantly be comfortable with conflict because when we lean into our fears it’s less scary! 

Giving power away 

You are responsible for holding your power. Establish boundaries and don’t put people on a pedestal to validate your self-worth. Be in charge of your emotions 

We all face these challenges but when you become self-aware & invest in doing the inner self-work you will learn to trust the process and hold your power. 

In my 1:1 coaching, I encourage my clients to connect to their feminine divine, it is an important part of who we are and how we are. 

When we learn to trust ourselves people around us trust us to lead them when we lean into fear we show how brave we are people feel safe to follow us. 

These traits are the reason people trust leaders, they believe you have all solutions. So hold your power and lead like the boss you are!