Since I have become an Entrepreneur full time I have questioned whether I can make a sustainable income or whether I will be successful. I was worried about so many things and because my self-doubt became strong I was job hunting randomly. I interviewed with a cool company and I landed the job! I was so excited because that’s great news, right? The only issue was that they made me an offer below my asking and I almost considered accepting the job even though it didn’t align with my financial needs. I needed to gain my confidence back and believe that I could make my own money and I didn’t need to depend on someone else to show my worth. 

I had to check myself and I declined the offer. I felt so empowered and I feel like I reignited the fire in my belly. I love being an entrepreneur and taking on challenges but we are human and this little fear was creeping into my mindset and it made me wonder: 

  • Will this be the only job opportunity coming my way?
  • Am I good enough to earn more money than what they offered? 
  • Am I worthy of earning the money I want to live a comfortable lifestyle?
  • Will I be fulfilled doing this job? 

Then it hit me! I was not happily working for someone else, It was not fulfilling being a slave to a job. 

  • I don’t want to prove my value to a company or person. 
  • I don’t want to explain why I am deserving of a livable salary in N.Y.C.
  • I don’t want someone to dictate to me my worth! 

We don’t need to accept the breadcrumbs people offer. You have the capability to be in charge of your life and your income! When you do something that makes you feel fulfilled and you will never feel like it’s work. I am doing what I LOVE and I’m grateful every day.