Recently I had a fire in my belly because I made the mistake of comparing myself to someone else and I realized it was low-frequency energy. I got angry because this goes against my values and beliefs but I am human with feelings, and regardless of how spiritually attuned, I am I will always have to do shadow work.

In life, we develop insecurities and we carry them with us every day. It doesn’t disappear and there’s no magic potion to get rid of it but there’s a solution you can learn to cope with it and channel your energy into what you love. You have to find an anchor within yourself to bring you back to shore when you feel like you might be drowning. Comparing ourselves to others is common, we have access to the world at our fingertips but once you develop your anchor you will be able to work through those moments when you feel insecure. They say jealousy is ugly but it’s also called being human and I don’t think it’s a terrible reminder for us that we have feelings. 

Here’s a list of questions I used to scan myself when I noticed I was comparing myself (with my answers):

  • Why am I feeling insecure? (I didn’t feel good enough)
  • What is this feeling bringing up? (Trauma, past experinces)
  • What is within my control? (My actions)
  • What can I do about it (Channel my energy into my passions)

What did I do with that information I came up with intentional action steps so I could move with a purpose and take out the fire that was burning in my belly. As your business coach, I will not only give you a step-by-step plan on how to grow your business but I will support you and remind you of who you want to become by being your anchor until you develop your own. Your mindset is the foundation of everything and if you are not grounded you will never find the stability to be successful. 

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